Thursday, December 13, 2012

குஜராத் மக்கள் நரேந்திர பாய் மோடியை ஏன் நேசிக்கிறார்கள்?

A supporter Narendra Modi wears his mask during a campaign rally in Gujarat's Pavagadh town

பாரதி கண்ட சமுதாயம் குஜராத்தில் தழைக்கிறது.

Sonil Dedhia in Ahmedabad

Political analyst Viduyt Thakar tells's Sonil Dedhia the importance of the 2012 Gujarat assembly elections, why Chief Minister Narendra Modi is so popular and why he thinks that this is the last chance for Congress to come back to power in Gujarat.
Why do you think Narendra Modi is so popular among the people of Gujarat?
The youth of Gujarat love Narendra Modi. Out of the 37.8 million Gujarati voters 20.4 million are below the age of 40. A little over 1.2 million voters are between the ages of 18 and 19. Modi is tremendously popular amongst the youth because he represents them.
Shankarsinh Vaghela who represents Congress and Keshubhai Patel who represents Gujarat Parivartan Party are both outdated. Both these leaders are marginalised. I teach journalism and I have many students who are in the age group of 18 to 25 who have never even heard of Keshubhai Patel.
The second point is that Narendra Modi is very famous amongst the women of Gujarat. The reason is that during the last 11 years there have been so many melas and other cultural programs that Modi has oragnised for women. Women can freely move around in any part of the state even after midnight. This shows the measures taken by him for the safety of women. There is a saying in politics, "jaise log hote hai waisi sarkar milti hai (A government is similar to its people)". I feel there are good people staying in Gujarat and they have got a good leader and a good government.
The third reason in that he is an amazing orator. He charms his audience with his speeches. He can make a direct rapport with people across any sections.
Modi's development agenda has impressed a large section of the audience in Gujarat. Everybody has started realising that if development happens, directly or indirectly, every section of the society is benefited.
After the Godhra riots in 2002 the state has been completely peaceful. There is not even a single day in the last 10 years when Gujarat has seen a bandh or curfew. Narendra Modi has not only developed the state but has proved to be a good administrator as well.

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